ACMA develops, creates and delivers excellence in training using innovative technologies to accelerate learning for both medical science liaisons and sales representatives.

We educate your team to the point where they feel comfortable discussing medical subject matter with healthcare providers. It involves introducing complex material such as anatomy/physiology, pharmacology, HEOR and Managed Markets in a manner that is both straightforward and engaging, using the latest principles in adult learning. The ACMA can create custom curricula in multimedia formats to maximize learning, utilizing print, mobile, LMS, video, audio and the web. From the ground up to advanced and continual learning, ACMA specializes in custom curricula tailor-made to the reality of your market challenges.

Accredited Training makes all the difference. Proven and Trusted.


Virtual Preceptorships

Prepares sales representatives for selling environment prior to entering their territories

Enables representatives to become familiar with the different selling environments they will encounter & product usage

Introduces representatives to the healthcare professionals they will be calling on

Provides an overview of each healthcare professional's background, training and concerns

Helps representatives customize their sales message to have immediate impact in territory

Interactive Talking Reprint Training

  • Comprehensive Training Program designed to thoroughly educate teams on their clinical reprints
  • Reinforces Suggested Selling Messages for sales representatives
  • Features video clips with lead authors, KOLs or trainers
  • Includes detailed Study Guides, Role Play Scenarios, Self-Assessments and Key Take Away Points
Interactive Learning Modules
Interactive Learning Modules

Interactive Disease Training

  • Interactive, highly engaging learning modules which increase retention of scientific information and selling skills
  • Brings standard learning modules to life with video and animation, KOL pop-up tutorials, glossaries and more
  • Continually measures performance, provides material for deeper dives into key areas and additional support when assessments indicate a lower level of retention

Key Account Manager Training

DMC’s KAM Training:

  • Trains both new and seasoned KAMs through a combination of interactive self-study modules, live training classes and post-live training reinforcement & pull-through
  • Provides a thorough overview of the expectations the company has for their KAMs
  • Provides a foundation for account analysis and planning for KAMs to fully understand the nature of the product line and how it impacts their work flow and priorities
  • Has “shelf life” for new KAMs
Key Account Manager Training Session
Doctor and Patient in room

Day in the Life Videos

Allows your team to:

  • “Walk in the shoes” of their physicians and the patients they are treating
  • Vicariously experience the challenges their customers face
  • Get in the mind of the clinicians to understand how they make their prescribing decisions
  • Understand the challenges faced by patients and their families and the impact their product can make
  • Helps representatives present material that is pertinent to the physician
  • See the diagnostic challenges, treatment challenges and options the physician faces and how their product fits into the treatment arsenal

Interactive Prescribing Information

Provides a thorough understanding of a product's prescribing information for successful detailing

Provides a thorough understanding of a product's prescribing information for successful detailing

Can incorporate competitive PI information compared on section by section basis

3D-MOA Animations

Allows representatives to visualize a product's effect within the body

Can be utilized in interactive 3-D games at medical meetings

Focuses on the cause of the disease and the impact it has on the patient

Animations created by our team of microbiologist animators

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