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Social Responsibility

Providing Scholarships

The ACMA provides scholarships for medical affairs training to adult learners who face financial hardship. ACMA’s partial and full scholarships ensure that individuals do not have to stop learning and developing themselves because of the costs of training.

More than $ 350,000 in Scholarships

The ACMA has assisted with more than $350,000+ dollars in scholarship money to underprivelaged professionals around the world


Meet Saule Bektassova, MD, BCMAS

Dr. Bektassova lives in Kazakhstan and is one of the many recipients of the Medical Affairs Scholarship program from the ACMA. The ACMA works with medical affairs & MSL professionals in over 50 countries where we have helped many professionals expand their career, meet quality metrics in the pharmaceutical industry and achieve a standard of excellence through becoming Board Certified Medical Affairs Specialists (BCMAS).


UIC-ACMA Medical Affairs Annual Scholarship

The ACMA is proud to offer an annual $25,000 medical affairs scholarship to graduates of the PharmD program at University of Illinois, College of Pharmacy. The scholarship provides an opportunity for PharmD graduates to pursue career opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry.


The ACMA’s mission is to provide education and services to life sciences organizations. In conducting this work we will abide by high ethical standards. We will serve as a force for positive change whenever possible.

The ACMA strives to be a responsible member of our community through our internal operations and service to client organizations. As a part of the healthcare ecosystem, we support policies and practices that produce better outcomes for patients and provide better service to healthcare providers. As a partner to life science companies, our goal is to provide the highest quality service and most objective information possible.

The ACMA strives to lead the industry in four particular areas by conducting our business in a socially responsible way:

Helping Inner City Kids With an Interest in STEM

ACMA sponsors and participates in a number of programs designed to ensure educational opportunities for populations that are underserved by traditional professional paths. From our own experiences and those of our colleagues in healthcare, we have learned the value of a hand up and a door held open.

ACMA works with established Foundations to identify and fund programs that provide opportunities for students in economically distressed areas to pursue scientific and healthcare careers. This support comes in the form of both direct funding and working with other organizations to create educational programs for students who would not otherwise have access to such programs.

The ACMA is also a sponsor of the Abuela Lucy Foundation. The Abuela Lucy Life Sciences program provides grants and scholarships to educational institutions that support learners in the areas of biology and medicine. These fields, are underrepresented by diverse students, are essential to our daily lives. Learn more about the Abuela Lucy Foundation.

Diversity and Inclusion

The ACMA team believes strongly in breaking down historical barriers that prevent underserved populations from fully participating in educational and professional development opportunities. Our goal is to ensure that everyone we work with feels they are welcome and being treated with dignity and respect. In the management of our programs, we seek to understand how we can change the industry environment for the better. For more information, visit the Anti-Discrimination Policy linked below.


Helping Professionals Meet Regulatory Demands for Certification

The life sciences industry has moved toward establishing higher standards of behavior and knowledge over the last several years. However, the opioid crisis has driven some governmental bodies to either enact or plan for legislation that requires pharmaceutical professionals to be certified by a neutral and accredited body. ACMA is working in several state and local geographies to help companies meet this mandated requirement.

In Chicago, for example, ACMA provides sales representatives with training and certification to meet the city’s strict requirements for all professionals that promote pharmaceuticals. Different versions of mandatory certification are likely to come to many more local and state lawbooks soon. ACMA provides both legislators and pharmaceutical leaders with the advice and tools to ensure training and certification meet this growing patchwork of requirements.


Academic Integrity

The ACMA hosts and manages programs that provide educational and career development opportunities to healthcare professionals. These professionals are responsible for patient treatment, scientific communication and business practices that determine the well-being of human beings. As an accredited body held to the highest standards of conduct, the ACMA must ensure integrity for itself and every participant in its programs.

The information in the ACMA’s program must be objective and based entirely on the best science available. For more information about the requirements and implementation of our Academic Integrity Policy, please visit the Academic Integrity Page linked below.