Medical Information Call
Center Services

We can help your company by:

  • Boosting patient recruitment and referrals for clinical trials.
  • Processing sample requests.
  • Setting appointments between MSLs/Sales Reps and healthcare providers.
  • Supplementing field-based activities.
  • Increasing patient adherence to treatments and trials.
  • Improving patient recruitment into clinical trials
  • Providing in depth insights to help drive your medical affairs strategy
  • Providing on-demand support to answer questions from healthcare providers and patients.

In partnership with Pharmacist Moms, the ACMA offers highly educated and trained US licensed pharmacists to work as call center representatives, provide a global footprint, and engineer workflow processes that can be customized to meet specific company or product needs.

Our Medical Information Call Center Team is capable of handling very small to high call volumes and can adapt quickly to fluctuations in the number of calls to ensure adequate coverage. ACMA provides live service during standard business hours, as well as after-hours options.

ACMA works by either using your current medical information software or can utilize the ACMA Engage platform as well.

ACMA-Pharmacist Moms Medical Information Specialists are expertly skilled and trained to identify and appropriately process and document potential Adverse Events (AEs) and Product Quality Complaints (PQCs). ACMA can provide full processing of PQCs (collect data, facilitate sample return, communicate case closure info) and AEs (submit Individual Case Safety Reports to the FDA) on behalf of our clients.

We can customize services to meet your needs

What should a robust medical information call center look like?

Highly trained clinical experts

Operationally Efficient



Address products in any life-cycle stage and market conditions.

The ACMA is proud to partner with Pharmacist Moms to provide compliant medical information services to communicate essential product information for the pharmaceutical & biotechnology industry.

Quick Facts: About Pharmacist Moms

A Powerful Voice in the Pharmacy Community:
  • The Pharmacist Moms organization is a professional pharmacist membership group of 35,000+ pharmacists across the United States.
  • They are one of the largest pharmacist organizations in the world.
They have Expertise Across Several Therapeutic Areas
  • These pharmacists are savvy clinical experts that can help answer questions and provide support for HCPs and patients alike.
  • All pharmacists who belong to the group are verified U.S Licensed Pharmacists and must have their pharmacy license verified as a requirement for entry into the organization.


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