ACMA Engage

The First Medical CRM System Designed Exclusively From the Ground Up for Medical Affairs and MSL Teams

Because Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) ≠ Sales

Customer relationship management (CRM) Manage your KOL interactions and medical affairs activities with a CRM tool that is optimized for MSL & Medical Affairs professionals. Build enduring relationships with both internal and external stakeholders.

ACMA Engage was built with ongoing input from MSL leaders, experienced MSLs and medical affairs executives. MSLs are not salespeople. We get that. MSL activity in a CRM needs to reflect the wide variety of activities that MSL and medical affairs professionals work on routinely. Let our Medical CRM help demonstrate the true value that your MSL and Medical Affairs teams can bring by creating better engagements and building stronger relationships that last.

Available on:   iOS  |   Android  |   Desktop  
Available on:
  iOS |     Android |     Desktop

ACMA Engage gives the entire Medical Affairs team the ability to provide superior service to thought leader physicians and other influential stakeholders. The platform improves how MSLs and in-house medical team members provide information to Key Opinion Leaders. The system also accelerates how field medical teams collect feedback and produce market insights.

ACMA Engage platform was designed and built based on input from experts across the life sciences and technology fields. Thousands of professionals who have completed the company's BCMAS certification program provided feedback on their medical affairs business processes. Our goal is to improve how medical affairs teams compliantly communicate with KOLs. ACMA Engage enables your team to nurture deeper, more insightful scientific communication using a holistic view of each stakeholder's needs, preferences and history of interactions with the company.

You can power up your medical affairs team with ACMA Engage as a standalone CRM system or as part of a larger suite of tools that provide complete KOL relationship management, AI-powered analytics, and ongoing training and professional development. Whatever configuration best meets your strategic needs, you can put the power of ACMA Engage to work to realize your team's full potential.

Join top Medical Affairs teams in building effective and long-lasting relationships by engaging key stakeholders with the information they need. With a better engagement platform, your team can be ready for the future of medical affairs today.

ACMA Engage captures the breadth and depth of MSL activities.

How can ACMA Engage benefit MSLs?

Medical Autonomy & Agility

The need to have autonomy outside of the commercial function is key. ACMA Engage allows medical users to work without worrying about the risks involved in sharing a CRM platform with sales.

Better Engagement

ACMA Engage gives MSLs faster access to the information and resources that result in better interactions with key opinion leaders. Delivering higher-value scientific communication strengthens the KOL's bond with the MSL and respect for the organization.

Gain Insights & Analytics

Every interaction with a KOL is like a 'mini-advisory board.' By accurately recording this valuable information, every MSL can provide critical insights to help the larger MSL and medical affairs team make better decisions. With ACMA Engage, you can capture key behaviors and trends. Coupled with the ACMA Predictive Analytics tool, you can predict stakeholder behavior and stay ahead of your competition.

Simple to Use Interface

Logging KOL interactions should be simple, fast and intuitive. ACMA Engage prides itself on its sleek design. Optimized for mobile and easy to navigate, now you can log your KOL interactions hassle free.

Continuous Innovation

With ACMA Engage, you have the ability to customize features and continuously innovate to stay ahead of the curve. Whether you need to integrate analytics, insights, or KOL Profiling, ACMA Engage can meet all of your needs.

Ensure Digital Compliance

Digital tools and technology in medical affairs are the future-but they can also represent a risk if used incorrectly. ACMA Engage was developed by medical affairs professionals who understand the day to day needs of MSL and medical affairs executives. The ACMA is the industry standard when it comes to training medical affairs and MSL professionals on the appropriate use of digital tools such as CRM in the pharmaceutical industry. We are the leaders. Why settle for less?

ACMA Engage was built by MSLs, for MSLs.


Comprehensive, Easy SetUp

ACMA Engage is the First of its Kind for Medical Affairs, and we make set up Simple, Easy, and Streamlined.


Web-Based Enterprise Administration

While other companies focus primarily on commercial sales and marketing, the ACMA is laser focused on enterprise level medical affairs solutions. The ACMA has set the highest standards of excellence for MSL & Medical Affairs professionals.


User-Friendly, Familiar Interface

ACMA Engage has a simple yet elegant design to its interface. Navigating throughout ACMA Engage is simple


HIPAA and GDPR Compliant

Secure and compliant with all HIPAA and GDPR guidelines, ACMA Engage will significantly reduce risk and minimize liability for your MSL and Medical Affairs teams.



With ACMA Engage, you can board certify your MSL and Medical Affairs team in the convenience of a sophisticated CRM tool. Maximize efficiency and field time by helping your MSL and medical affairs professionals access professional development opportunities in the field.



Log in safely and securely to ensure the highest level of data privacy and security features. ACMA Engage give you reliaility and peace of mind at every level. Whether you are in the field or at headquarters, ACMA Engage offers the highest level of security with end to end encryption capabilities.

ACMA Engage was built by MSLs, for MSLs.

Comparing Medical Affairs CRM

ACMA Engage Traditional Medical CRM
Board Certified Medical Affairs Program (BCMAS) Integration -
Insights & Analytics
Built Specifically for Medical Affairs -
Integrated Continuing Education -
Capture all MSL activity -
Compliant and Secure

While many CRMs consider their software to be “for MSLs,” their underlying backbone was most likely developed for pharmaceutical sales and later modified for medical affairs. ACMA Engage was built to meet the needs of medical affairs and will enable you to power up your medical affairs force.

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