• Clinical Analysis & Design
  • Real World Evidence
  • Patient Centricity
  • Biologics, Devices and Genomics
  • Leadership & Business Acumen
  • HEOR/Market Access
  • Effective Digital Engagement
  • CI/Insights Gathering
Earn the Credential of Excellence in the MSL/Medical Affairs Profession

Become a Board Certified Medical Affairs Specialist™

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The Industry Standard in Board Certification for MSL/Medical Affairs Professionals

You've built a team of highly intelligent MSL/Medical Affairs Professionals. Set them apart with Board Certification in Medical Affairs.
Why Certification Matters
24% Higher
Profit margin per employee
68% Increase
In overall employee performance
70% Increase
In knowledge sharing among team members
6× Greater Engagement
For employees to be engaged while at work
References: American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) (2014); IBM Smarter Workforce study (2018); Certiport Study (2012); Employees Who Use Their Skills Outperform Those Who Don’t, Gallup Study (2015)

Who Should Enroll From My Team?

  • Medical Science Liaisons
  • Managed Care MSLs
  • Medical Information Specialists
  • Medical Communication Specialists
  • Senior Medical Science Liaisons Taking on Greater Responsibility
  • Medical Directors
  • Scientific Communication Professionals
  • Pharmacovigilance/Drug Safety
  • Publication Planning Professionals
  • Any Medical Affairs Professionals Seeking to Increase Their Effectiveness
0 Months 6 Months 12 Months 18 Months Results With BCMAS Traditional Training Traditional Training vs. BCMAS Training

The Traditional Training Effect

The training effect is when you train your team and then they hit a plateau. Their skill set drops off, they’re not as motivated. Who has experienced this? All of us! You say to yourself, “I don’t get it I trained them, I invested the time, what is happening?”

Certification Results in Long Term Mastery

Why does certification result in long term mastery? Because of repetition. The needing to maintain knowledge over time raises the bar and keeps individuals motivated. Repetition and continual reinforcement is how you keep knowledge increasing over time. Certification is the difference between a "dabbler" and a "pro" or "specialist"

Results Time Long Term Mastery

Is Your Medical Affairs/MSL Team Global?

We’ve got you Covered.

User Registers

System Identifies Location

User is Redirected to
Applicable Platform

ACMA offers a proprietary global geo-redirect technology learning system which identifies a user’s location and provides customized content based on their country/region.

With a few clicks, you can provide standardized training to your entire Global Medical Affairs/MSL Team.

Afterall, different countries have different rules, regulations and compliance standards. ACMA has it covered.

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BCMAS Case Studies

Certifications 50 100 150 200 Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3 Wave 4 Deployment Scheme 50 100 150 200

Mid-Sized Pharma

Summary Overview
  • Board Certify entire Medical Affairs/MSL organization US & Global
  • Plan to certify in 4 waves
  • Collect outcomes data
  • Provide insights & reports on learners
  • Provide curriculum mapping for organization
  • Company was featured in the media for their commitment to excellence through certification of medical.
10× Competency
4× Motivation


Summary Overview
  • Board Certify entire field medical team
  • Certified all at once
  • Conducted monthly journal clubs with team members on content
  • Provide insights & reports on learners
6× Competency
3× Motivation
“ACMA offered excellent support throughout the BCMAS certification process. Medical Affairs received the visibility we wanted as a result. Professionalizing what we do in medical is a must.”

Maximize the Value of Medical Affairs Now

Medical Affairs Teams

What is the value of medical affairs? MSL/Medical Affairs teams play a vital role in the life sciences industry. A recent survey showed that 87% of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) preferred MSLs who had the BCMAS credential. They were perceived as more credible, more trustworthy and more competent. With BCMAS™ you protect the integrity of the MSL/Medical Affairs function and distinguish it from the sales function.

Unify Your Team

Board Certification in Medical Affairs with BCMAS™ establishes a uniform benchmark of excellence that ALL MSL/Medical Affairs Professionals must attain. It ensures that your entire team is meeting a standard of excellence. Establishing professional standards in Medical Affairs is the future. Click here to listen to what the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Head of the Centers for Drug Evaluation & Research says about why what the ACMA does is important.

Raising Standards to Reduce Risk

Every company struggles with the industry’s negative public perception. What better fix than ensuring that the individuals who represent the company in scientific communication meet the highest standards of knowledge and conduct? The key to reducing future risk reduction and management is Medical Affairs certification.

Delivering Strategic Insights

With BCMAS-certified skills, your team will be ready to capture scientific and competitive insights. By delivering better insights, your team enables the whole company to set and execute a more effective medical strategy. The organization will move more quickly and nimbly to meet market challenges and opportunities. That’s an advantage to definitively answer the “value” question.


Accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education & Training/American National Standards Institute (IACET/ANSI). A Globally Recognized Body of Excellence in Professional Development & Certification.

Nationally Distinguished

U.S. Food & Drug Administration

The FDA supports the ACMA Mission to establish standards of excellence across the life sciences industry. Regulators know that standards improve long-term patient outcomes.

Click here to listen to Dr. Janet Woodcock, MD, Director of the Center for Drug Evaluation & Research at the FDA.

FDA Logo
Key Opinion Leaders

KOLs prefer MSLs who are Board Certified in Medical Affairs (BCMAS™)

87% of KOLs surveyed said that MSLs who held BCMAS were perceived as being more:

  • Credible
  • Trustworthy
  • Competent

BCMAS Professionals From Over 200 Companies

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