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Bob Fell's Headshot

Bob Fell, PharmD, BCMAS

Executive Medical Science Liaison, Diabetes

Bob Fell was the first MSL on his team to go through the BCMAS program and graduate. When the opportunity to become a board certified medical affairs specialist first presented itself, Bob was intrigued by the challenge. The desire to gain more knowledge is what drove Bob to enroll in the BCMAS program.

"I can’t think of a better way, through a very tightly structured format, to learn a lot about field medical and medical affairs," said Fell. "The challenge to learn more about other areas of medical affairs without having to travel back to the home office and doing an internship was one of the reasons I opted to go through the program. And I thought a home-based, self-paced program would be great."

The BCMAS program appealed to Fell because it's a self-paced, online program. He liked that he could use his time more efficiently while completing the program. Having now graduated with his BCMAS, Fell believes that the program is ideal for anybody in medical affairs, whether they're a Medical Science Liaison or not.

"One of the best benefits is the byproduct. I’ve been in medical affairs since 2000, working alongside regulatory, legal and drug info. I think what’s good about the BCMAS is it expands your horizons to see these other major areas and the roles and responsibilities within them. I think that’s a nice benefit from going through the certification process."

I learned a lot more about regulatory affairs. We talk about REMs and we support REMs in medical affairs. But I learned a lot about REMs and safety and pharmacovigilance. There are certain elements of the program that really expanded my understanding.

After nearly two decades in medical affairs, Fell appreciated that the BCMAS program was still challenging to him. Professional growth opportunities aren't necessarily plentiful for field-based medical professionals. So the BCMAS was a perfect fit for Fell to differentiate himself and open up more possibilities for his career.

"As we differentiate and look at different titles, then I think I will have a nice segue into other roles because of the board certification." said Fell. "I think it was a very good growth platform and a great way to differentiate yourself amongst peers where there isn’t a ton of latitude for growth."

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