• Achieve the Highest Standard of Excellence
  • Expand Your Career Options
  • Increase Effectiveness
  • Distinguish Yourself

Become a Board Certified Medical Affairs Specialist™

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Raya Abou Jaoude, PharmD, BCMAS
Medical Science Liaison, Pfizer
“Getting the BCMAS Certification was definitely a major step in my career... I strongly advise any medical affairs professional to consider the BCMAS program.
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BCMAS™— The Recognized Industry Standard

Upgrade Your Pharma Career

The Board Certified Medical Affairs Specialist (BCMAS™) graduates are the pharma industry's thought leaders.

  • Establish Yourself as an Authority in Pharma
  • Be more effective
  • Demonstrate mastery of the MSL/Med Affairs Profession with this award-winning program

The path to becoming an exceptional Medical Affairs professional starts with BCMAS™.

The Trusted Authority in Pharma

What you need to know about the BCMAS™

  • It’s the only accredited certification program for MSLs and Medical Affairs professionals in the world
  • It’s the benchmark of excellence for Medical Affairs in the industry for over 5+ years.
  • It’s a comprehensive, self-paced online, on demand certification program built by industry leaders and subject matter experts.

Take the first steps toward achieving the gold standard in the pharmaceutical industry.

Why should I become Board Certified?

Stand out
Send a powerful message that you have achieved the highest standard of excellence
Career boost
90% of BCMAS™ professionals land the role they want in as little as two months
Build your brand as a subject matter expert with colleagues and HCPs
Higher pay
BCMAS™ Professionals earn up to 24% more than their peers

Becoming Board Certified Means Being COVID-19 Prepared

  • Get your MSL & medical affairs team COVID-19 ready
  • Communicate effectively with healthcare providers during COVID-19
  • Manage virtual access to healthcare providers during COVID-19
  • Ensure compliant & ethical field medical affairs team interactions during COVID-19
  • Enhance trust with the medical (and patient) communities and your accredited medical affairs and MSL team
  • Employ the appropriate use of digital tools and technology during the COVID-19 pandemic

Hear from an MSL Professional

Kerry Flecknoe, ESE, BCMAS

Meet Kerry Flecknoe, an experienced MSL, and recent BCMAS™ graduate who shares her journey towards becoming Board Certified in Medical Affairs.

How was the BCMAS™ developed?

Several Advisory board meetings held with Medical Affairs leaders and subject matter experts

ACMA received IACET accreditation, whose processes helped us build a rigorous curriculum.

BCMAS™ designers developed content using psychometric analysis to ensure that graduates are held to the highest standards of learning and assessment.

BCMAS™ established to create standards for knowledge, business skills and professional practice in the pharmaceutical industry. 

ACMA works with experts around the world to develop country- and region-specific content within the BCMAS™ curriculum using advanced geo-redirect technology features.

Content is always updated to reflect new business practices, technologies, market challenges and regulatory changes.

BCMAS™ Graduates From Over 200 Companies

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$716.33 / Mo
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is BCMAS™ a certificate or certification?

BCMAS™ is a Board Certification accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training / American National Standards Institute (IACET/ANSI).

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Who developed the BCMAS™ content?

The BCMAS™ content was developed by over 30 subject matter experts from academia, clinical medicine, and experts from the pharmaceutical industry.

Do I need to maintain my certification?

Every 5 years you are required to maintain your certification. You can do this by either (1) completing 20 hours of continuing education credits approved by the ACMA or (2) by taking the board exam.

$1999 is a lot of money. Do you offer payment options/plans?

Yes. The ACMA offers a flexible payment plan where you can pay in 3 easy installments of $700. Additionally, we use PayPal, so you can always use PayPal credit if you qualify.

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Do you offer scholarships? How can I apply for a scholarship?

ACMA is proud to offer scholarships to all of our eligible enrollees. Please contact us for more information, or view the scholarships information page.

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How long does the program take to complete?

The BCMAS™ program takes on average about 2-3 months to complete. It’s self-paced, so everyone will be different.

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